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A hot topic to talk about in Singapore, and there is still no acceptable solution yet to define, is on how to increase the Total Fertility Rate in Singapore, in other word.. baby born of a Singaporean parents are getting less and less, even lower then the National rate index of 2.1, in order to positively ‘replace’ the parent and increase the population of Singapore citizen.

Total Fertility Rate according to Wikipedia… The total fertility rate (TFR, sometimes also called the fertility rate, period total fertility rate (PTFR) or total period fertility rate (TPFR)) of a population is the average number of children that would be born to a woman over her lifetime if she were to experience the exact current age-specific fertility rates (ASFRs) through her lifetime, and she were to survive from birth through the end of her reproductive life.

Singapore government is trying to boost the declining number of birthrate, on which family couples in Singapore are tends to only have 1 child ‘policy’ in their mindset. It is purely due to the high cost of raising a child until they are able to finance themselves, cost involve is including the educational cost, beside off course the living cost itself.

During the National Day Rally 2008 recently, Prime Minister has given (AGAIN) another ‘carrot’ incentive for single to get married, and for married couple to have MORE children rather then just 1 child ‘policy’. Prime Minister’s carrot are to extend the maternity leave from existing 12 weeks (3 months) on which 2 months paid by the company, and one month paid by the Government, to become 16 weeks on which 2 months most likely will be paid by the Government.

The perseption of working women in Singapore, are NOT only on the number of paid maternity leave, but the worriness that they might loose their job, and will be extremely difficult to get another job, as now company will tend to hire male employee rather then to have 16 weeks absence female staff in the case of maternity leave.

As what is happenning in Australia as in article below…

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That is exactly what women here are worried about, there is NO effort from Government to assure that working women will not loose their job if they take maternity leave, and sacked-women after they are taking maternity leave will most likely loose their ‘battle’ in court in the case they even tried fight back. What a dilemma in Singapore.

In this modern world, a first world country call Singapore, is also having a difficulties for their career-hungry women to decide whether to pursue career with high flying life-style and high earning power with money to spend like hell.. or to sacrifice all of these just to fulfill two things… demanding in-law to carry a baby boy decendant and to try to increase birthrate by contributing one (or more) baby to the Government. Choices that can only be decide by women…

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A country call Singapore, probably the only country in the world, where women legally allow to do a discreet abortion, with identity to be always kept secret. Ironically, Government is extensively trying to boost birthrate to have more baby born in Singapore as citizen from Singaporean parents.

Choice is totally yours (women) to decide… and NOBODY else can even convince you to have baby!

Welcome to Singapore.