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Demonstration… according to Wikipedia (English) is an historically and geographically common form of nonviolent action by groups of people. Demonstrations are a form of activism, usually taking the form of a public gathering of people in a rally or walking in a march. At times, more interventionist actions such as blockades and sit-ins have been referred to as demonstrations. Thus, the opinion is demonstrated to be significant by gathering in a crowd associated with that opinion.

A very strategic place for demonstration in every where is always a place where human-traffic of countrymen will pass-by and central business distric area, or somewhere near presidential palace or house of parliament, on why demonstration main purpose is simply to have others to listen, even though there are plenty of occasions where demonstration has been used by political reasons.

Singapore is well-known where public demonstration will never get approved, even though several attempts have been made by opposition parties to run public demonstration, again the favorite place is (off course) in front of Presidential Palace. There was no other place for this purpose ever officially legalized.

BUT recently there is one place ‘dedicated’ for public debate (READ: demonstration) called as speakers’ corner legalized in Singapore, as has been recently announced during the well-known most anticipated rally, the place called ‘Hong Lim Park’.

It’s been years, I’ve stayed in Singapore, I’ve never heard this place name before, until finally I did googling it, and found that place really exist.

Hong Lim Park (according to pagenation site) is a place located in Chinatown distric, near Upper Pickering Street, a place where nobody would purposely come and listen to the ‘voice of people’. It’s a very nice quite and beautiful place to do demonstration, as nobody would come and see, still we live in peaceful.

A smart move to start what so call a real democratic live.