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Singapore government is getting impatiently to do all kind of necessary to boost birthrate to have more baby born from Singapore citizen’s parent, with the hope that will increase the declining population here.

During the National Day rally message, Prime Minister clearly stated that each year both parent until their baby 2 years-old will be able to claim 7 days of UNPAID infant care leave to take care their baby, and the maternity leave will be extended to 4 months instead of 3 months currently, and both parent can also claim 6 days childcare leave a year.

The above is just the guideline from the government, but whether every company in Singapore will implement that, is another story what we call as reality in life, story from the ground will be pretty much different then the instruction up above.

Another ‘desperate measure’ that Singapore Government ‘offering’ to married couple to have baby, is subsidize financially for couple who is currently undergone In-Vitro Fertilization – the scientific name of baby-tube, which easily cost couple five-digit burnt in their pocket saving money.

Childcare quality will be improved, BUT that does NOT mean childcare will educate child to a family attitude and traditions, furthermore Children who have been ‘learning’ and used to be in ‘School’ since a very young age, will tend to get bored and quit school easily during the actual school age themselves.

Tax incentive on the other hand, currently only extended to fourth child, and subsequent child (if any) will NOT get any subsidy or any tax deduction… Government has set to also extend the subsidies and tax deduction to fifth and subsequent child.

So as the article said, it is again back to the personal decision choice, no matter what the incentive carrot will be, it still back in the individual mindset to whether sacrifice the life for the baby (and the government) or to live with it… yours to decide!