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This article took me few minutes to dig very deep inside, as I forgot to clip it out from Morning newspaper edition on its website TodayONLINE.com. I found this article is hillarious, as stated clearly in its second paragraph:

“And the reason such troubles have not taken root here? There is NO money politics in Singapore. And we have a division one team in charge” said minister that makes us to go “mmmm…”.

But, the next two days out of that above article was declared… here comes the money for every (and only) citizens called ‘Growth Dividends’.

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Well, it is clearly indicated that “More Help $256M in benefits” as the title says, and in the first paragraph “To further help low-and-middle income Singaporeans at a time of higher living cost, The Government will be distributing an additional support package amounting to $256 million. The enhancements are a 50% increase in the October installment of GROWTH DIVIDENDS and a 50% increase in November Utilities-Save rebates.

On which every (and only) citizen will receive free-money (may be there is string-attached ‘undisclosed behind it’) based on the type of their home, and their annual income.

Well, the best part is… there is plenty of people in Singapore who are not Citizen but working harder and harder to grow and keep building the Singapore economy, become pretty good taxpayers, doing so much works with a pretty low wage just to stick their nose in this little red dot, and having plenty of negative sense out of them every where, even for their sting and smelly kind of food (old article debate)… all of these has been resulting in those ‘GROWTH DIVIDENDS’ – but these ‘Romusha’ will never get any single cents out of it. The multi-million dollars question is simply… what is it got to do with casting our vote in general election ???

Is money-tree really growing healthily and vastly in Singapore?