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Inflation is in the most highest-peak in Singapore since 26 years ago but Singapore Government has never stopped taking good care of their Citizen, as this article said in its first paragraph.

‘We have done what is necessary’ – They (Singapore Citizen) are getting $3 billion in hongbao (literary translated as money given in envelope) from the government this year. Yet, some Singaporeans still accuse the government of not doing enough – and even blame its policies for contributing directly to inflation, which is now at 26-year high. The best part of this article “The Government cannot give hongbao every year, but fortunately this year we have the budget surplus to do it.” – very nice, isn’t it?

The other ‘darken’ part of this article stated from PM’s speech ‘The introduction of Foreign Workers and Immigrants is to help our economy so that our people will benefit from it’ – while in chinese media newspaper there were hotly debated that ‘cost of living aside, foreign workers and new immigrants were a source of pressure for Singaporeans’ – even Union Leaders have reflected concerns that foreign workers and new immigrants take away jobs from Singaporeans and depress wages. Some readers have also advocated ‘Pro-Local’ policies.

So ironic, isn’t it? Foreign workers and immigrants claim to be a help to improve and boost Singapore economy by the head of the country himself, and on the other hand, they are not taking or getting any cents out of the ‘helping hand’ hongbao from Government free-money… and again, these flock of people get the worst treatment in the society acceptance… BUT still these groups of people have also get impacted by the high cost of living and inflation etc that all Singaporeans complaining about.

The picture on the right side article stated:

On Government Help: most people do not realize a lot of help has been given because the money channeled directly into the bank accounts. While on the Job Security section: there could be more retraining for the workers, especially lower income workers. It’s about how we take measures to assure Singaporeans that their jobs are not being taken away.

Hmmm… wonder who’s stupid now then?