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Just another hot topic in Singapore aging population… beside the declining fast its Birth Rate.

Retirement in Singapore will soon become nobody’s dream, as the above survey said, that is proven that 63% of Singaporeans do NOT even think to retire in Singapore. Mainly reason is the ‘bloody’ fast pace of living in Singapore, plus the ‘strangling’ high cost of living to retire in Singapore, compare to the retirement benefits pay-out (if any) for people.

Retirement age in Singapore is keep dragging from 55 years old to become 62 years old and now become 65 years old. And the CPF disbursement of retirement funds is dragging even further beyond 80 years old, to become 85 years old, with the only reason is life expectancy of Singaporean is increasing, due to the health-care technology is getting more advance. Who would be able to enjoy those disbursement of CPF retirement money? Isn’t that the same as your CPF (is your money) but for others to enjoy and invested in other part of the world, and it is not for your own benefit to enjoy, well.. probably your name was slip in the book-of-life so that you can stay alive beyond 85 years old.

And the following below article, with even proud and satisfaction they declared that they have successfully bring “Grandpa” back to work, and now they are trying to achieve another goal to bring ‘Grandma’ back to join the work-force.

Can’t you see behind it, at the age of a ‘Grandpa’ he still have to work to stay afloat in live, and also to bring Grandma back to join the work-force at their age of supposed to be enjoying their retirement age, with their grand children at home.

What kind of works that these Grandpa and Grandma will be able to do at their age? Are those kind of works with mostly physical more then the thinking kind of jobs, which off course definitely more tougher jobs for them to do, just for them to stay alive in Singapore, the country they call their home.

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With all of the above difficulties of living in Singapore, who would like to stay living and retire spend the rest of their live in Singapore? With those expensive living cost, nobody would take good care of them, and the live pace that is pretty damned fast, for them to even catch their breath in walking… who wants to be a retired in Singapore?

This is Singapore… where 63% of Citizen that they keep receiving money from their Government, have decided to retire out of Singapore for the sake of their goodness and well-being.