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This is a very good article, do not always just talk talk up from the ground, enjoying ride in a fully-convinient and police guarded car without any traffic jam, keep increasing transport cost without the need to ever think and see what the service and condition looks like.

This is what the head of the country needs to do in order for him and his list of ministers know what is actually going on, furthermore try to board the train in disguise, do NOT ever disclose his own identity to feel what others like, on their own grandfathers’ trains or buses.

Ask them to board the train during rush peak hours, to feel how the squeeze, the smell, the agony of passengers who are all paying the same and the burden of increasing the transport fare, without any increasing of service, or frequency of transport itself.

Each and every morning, we complaint the number of feeder/townlink bus is very very very unacceptabled full of passengers, what they give us, are the new buses. We NEVER ask for new buses, but what we ask are more frequent bus servicing the area.

Well, agreed that now buses and trains in Singapore are wheel-chaired accessibled, but how the hell these wheel-chaired bound people can get squeezed in into the fully jam packed like canned sardin during morning and evening rush peak hours in buses and trains? Can’t you see the point?

It was ever had an incident where wheelchair person get put-aside by trains officer in station’s lift, the facilities that is supposed to be for these kind of purposed, but abled-people are squeezed in faster than this wheelchair, make sense, but that was what happened.