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After several moved that Government has been given to their citizen, some citizen with child(ren) more then 7 years old, seems to be given less benefits out from the ‘carrots’. Childcare leave days given was from 2 days per year that can be taken only by parent who has child(ren) up to age 7 years old, and now has been increased to 6 days per year.

Several parents that have been ‘contributing’ to government growth-effort on birthrate, are trying to questions back on the policy, with a hope that the scope will also include their groups.

As this article below, when voices of expecting parents have been answered by back-dating the effective date to become 17 August 2008 when the announcement was made on the ‘rally’ instead of initially stated as 1 January 2009.

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Well, what we thought they have only blind-eyes and deaf-ears, proven to be wrong. They listen and back-dated the effectiveness of the new policy.

Good for expecting parents, but will that be sufficient to encourage citizen to (mate and to) breed more, will be another question unanswered.

Top breeder without complaint nor asking for more carrots is still urgently required in Singapore, and still considered as rare-species that going to the extinction and needs to be preserved more!