In the middle of Singapore Government spending millions of dollars for baby booster carrots, incentives, financial subsidies, levy, tax, all the way up to children care centres. Our great proud ‘Mascot’ of Singapore, known as ‘Singapore Girl’ (for those who does not even aware, it is a name for Singapore Airlines Stewardess), which some might have said (not me), the famous well-known good-looking, ‘jaw-dropping’ figures girls… have some dilemmas they can’t afford to choose between them.

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Female crew who are pregnant have to resign 24 hours without a guarantee ground jobs or leaving perks. Ironic, isn’t it… while Government is giving their ‘money-tree’ away to every citizen plus perks to TOP breeders or person to even just think to have baby.

From the article, after they MUST resign from the flying job, it is almost impossible for them to find a job on the ground, as they are pregnant, and who wants to employ a pregnant women on who will be getting their maternity leave (4 months btw) in the next few months. Logically thinking, but actual happening now.

The best part is… they can only return to work for SIA (Singapore Airlines) after two years giving birth, subject to an impeccable previous work record and if they had maintained their FIGURE well. That is a direct statement that ‘FIGURE’ of the women must be well-maintained to be employed, while there is plenty of pledges have been made to fight the ‘sexual harassment’ at work-place, but here we go…

Three-quarter of the flying crew members in Singapore Airlines are females, most of them dare not to start a family because of that ruling… ironic, when plenty of singles in Singapore even need to look for match-making agency, while these girls ‘are devoted’ by accident to the job they are doing.

Will the writer have any impact in her job now or after that newspaper voices publishing? Nobody will ever know…