Finally, We have speakers’ corner… so what? Doom’s coming soon? No, not really… as this article social style of Singaporeans mind-set… they keep their thoughts (protest) only within their minds, they don’t have any plan to voice it out. They are very obedient citizens, aren’t they?

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Or the situation has been created in such way till they don’t even have time to voice their heart-protest out, let others do, or as-long-as-that-does-not-concern-me-then-I-don’t-bother kind of attitude? Increasing stress level, so many commit-suicide cases increasing, will soon become another major problem then just a decreasing birth-rate.

One shout very loud: “The little-red-dot now has Speakers’ Corner, everyone!”

The crowd said: “Huh?… What?… Where?… Got free-money o not?”