Well, Singapore is always doing new and new innovation and break-through in any kind of things. First, Singapore probably the first country in the world where ABORTION is legally can be done in any Womens’ or Specialist Private Clinic in discreet, that means does not even need to be done in open public space of a hospital.

And now, organ purchase (if not called as shopping), desperate people for money will soon be exploited by rich and demanding-for-organ people in Singapore for their organ-shopping. As these people will tend to have a very destructive life-style of drinking alcohol, smoking, eatings life-style and so on.

Recently one of the biggest tycoon did a Kidney shopping-spree by an intermediary ‘salesman’ to harvest an Indonesian man’s kidney for over a SGD 100,000+, and transplant has been successfully done so far.

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The buyer, the seller and the salesman… are all brought to court, for a matters of still-stated as ‘illegal’ transaction of Organ. The seller gets the 2-week jail + SGD 1,000 fine, which he can’t pay and extended his jail term to 3-week.

The Buyer… gets just a 1-day jail and SGD 17,000 fine. Well, no news so far on what The Salesman will get.

Well, now this probably just cost a 1-day jail for Organ Shopping, who knows things will get in better demands on which rich-people will do more shopping, and business demand is increasing in Singapore… things will be changed sooner or later.