This is what a PR in Singapore…

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PRs are so “value for money”, as the very hot-topic phrase in Singapore nowadays.

WHY ???

Every PR is paying the taxes, the same rate as what Citizens are paying… but PR pay more Health-Care in any polyclinics, pay more fees in Child Care for every child, pay more education fee in school, must waste the same number of yearssssssssssssssssss for “Servicing the Nation” (NS) for every boy reaching 18 years old, pay more expensive in housing resale flat, pay more expensive in interest-rate from banks-only mortgage, no grant given even for first timer.


PR never gets any ‘Growth Dividends’ every year money pays out to every Citizens… never received any Children Development Accounts also ‘money’ given out to every Citizens’ children in the form of Education Saving funds and can be used for school related activities… so PR literally pays pays and pays… but never gets anything in returns.


PR never votes in the country general elections.


As this article stated “If the government does not want to hand out freebies to so many PRs, then tighten the requirement to become a PR” – can they afford to do this, to tighten their own ‘money-tree’ ???