When the youngest sister of the ‘Tired Dragon’ has given her opinion about the law in Singapore, in the Kidney-Saga… involving Buyer (Tang), Seller and MIddleman as the Salesman, a direct reply from Attorney General who is now singing the same tune as government, placed side-by-side as the article.

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The buyer bought kidney for S$170,000 and gets only 1-day jail, the seller gets 2-week jail + $1,000 fine which he can’t afford to pay so the sentence increase by 3-week jail… and the middleman acting as salesman gets a 14-month jail.

The seller can’t even afford to pay S$1,000 fine, while the buyer bought it for S$170,000, how much is actually the middleman selling it as the service-charge fee?

As she said… “… just to prove that all – ‘rich or poor’ – are treated equally before the law.