With regards to the recent “CHAOTIC” responses from Serangoon Garden rich-people and Government plan to build and house 1,500 foreign workers (refered as Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and people from China), who are mostly work in construction company.

Local Serangoon Garden rich-people complaint that Foreign Workers are always identic with extreme criminals that they are doing towards the community where they lived… so here is the fact, and nothing but the fact.
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As you can see, the criminal fact-sheet in Singapore, criminal-acts done by those foreign workers, the number is far less than those done by local people themselves.

On the other hand, why this article comes up in the newspaper, could be another sign that the plan is a go-ahead as planned, else why this article is giving a hint of what is going on, and might create a new hard-complaint.

Man, I wish I can stay in their ‘Meet-The-MP’ sessions debating this situation, with a tape-recorder in hands, that could be a very interesting value-for-money debate will be.

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Still as the above comment in Voices, 500 foreign workers is still considered one-too many to people there, even though they have been presented with the fact-sheet of criminal in Singapore. Ironic, isn’t it 😀