Singapore which we all always declare as food-safe country in the world, to every friends come to Singapore, and always declare any food that you buy from any supermarket and groceries which are imported from any country into Singapore, as safed to be consumed, as it has been fully quality checked and controlled.

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The country which we always stated, buy and eat anything in Singapore are always safed as tainted-products will NEVER be allowed to be sold in Singapore or so people in Singapore does NOT need to worry that unsafe product will might be found on the shelf of any supermarket chains.

There is now NOT the truth anymore, as hundreds of milk products from China which now found to be tainted-products and also found to be sold in any supermarket chains in Singapore, furthermore has plenty of them sold (and definitely) consumed by public in Singapore – including my family!

This is what is stated in AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority) Singapore website

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We had bought and consumed 2 cartons of Yili fresh-milk products few months back from NTUC FairPrice one of the largest Supermarket chains in Singapore, belong and operated by NTUC (the Trade-Unions), as they declared as newly introduced products, with a very interesting promotion package of buy-1-get-1 product with a very attractive price tag of less then SGD 2.00 (SGD 1.70 I think) per box of 1 ltr fresh-milk, and remember this is a buy-one-get-one, so you get two boxes of 1 ltr for that price.

At that time we thought, WHATEVER products imported to Singapore from anywhere in this world SHOULD have been passed a tight-quality controlled and check and safe to be consumed! BUT now we found everything is to be WRONG! And it is NOT safe at all.

So now it is back to what the well-known famous phrase that I have THOUGHT it as false statement, but now found to be extremely right statement is… ‘As long as there is NOBODY reported as sick after consumption of certain products or any reported from outside world, than it is considered as checked and safe in Singapore! SO human being named consumer is the tight-quality controller in this case.’ That is NOT every products is quality-controlled and checked before they get licensed to be safed and proceed to be imported into Singapore!

The best part is, yesterday night, we have bought Dutch-Lady Strawberry Milk product of the shelf from AGAIN NTUC FairPrice Supermarket, after we read statement pasted on the wall next to their shelf, stated that they assured customer that all milk products found in the shelf are safe and has been certified to be safed for consumption… and this morning paper (as pasted above picture), this Dutch-Lady Strawberry Milk product is ONE of the tainted-milk products!

Remember one thing, Singapore is always declared as very much less corruption country. And as the phrases we always see in HDB blocks… ‘Low crime does not mean no crime’

One thing for sure… nobody dare to finger-pointing anybody on products that has been sold in NTUC FairPrice and later found as tainted-imported products, even though someday probably someone admitted to hospital with symptoms similar to now happening in China due to tainted-imported products.

Should we still introduce to friends/relatives that every products found in Singapore is safe to be consumed as they have been passing a thorough quality controlled checks before they get their license to be imported as safe-to-consumed products? – Time is really shifting.

So now who will be responsible for human-being sick admitted to hospitals due to this tainted-products sold in Singapore and found to be NOT passed (or perhaps never) checks on the quality controlled? – This is Singapore, remember what it means.