After few weeks back, there was a concerns on Valet-Parking service in Holland Village Singapore, as they said people are NOT satisfied with this service to find the parking lots which is very difficult in that amenity.

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That valet-parking was stamped as ILLEGAL business and creating disturbance in the society in that Holland Village, and the conclusion is that the Valet-Parking private service needed to be stopped permanently, and left the two old-indian men who ran the service stranded as jobless again.

Today morning, I read in the newspaper, the article comes alive “SMOOTH PARKING in the VILLAGE” greeted by the red-polo t-shirt “PARKING MARSHALL” – a legalized valet-parking with a new face-lift opens for public service with a new different ‘meaning’ – guided driver to the nearer empty parking-lot.

A new legalized guiding valet-parking with the name ‘parking marshall’ has been introduced in the same area amenity called ‘Holland Village’ in Singapore.

Now the question will be, why don’t help the old ‘Valet-Parking’ service ran by the two indian old-men become legalized business and help them to grow their business? Instead of ‘killed them’ instantly and made a new face-lift legalized assistance ‘Guided Parking Marshall’?

Well, this is Singapore, everything must be made legalized under the law.