Finger pointing is always the best thing to do, as long as the imported-products’ certificate is at hand and stated there is no dangerous material in the contents, then the products is legally imported without any THOROUGH checks…

Well, checks are conducted only for some specifics materials like E.Coli and Salmonella (which caused food-poisoning scare last December), and chemical residues like pesticides and veterinary drugs.

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As the above article stated, and the materials that the authority checks, it is clearly indicated that they will always do the checks specially for those which has ever been reported and tested by human-being and caused problem in the past.

So you see, there is a very likely indicator that as long as there is NOTHING happens, there is NO need to specifically check for any dangerous materials content.

In one of the paragraph, there are some question people throw, but I’m very sure there will be NOBODY will answer on why these products can slip into Singapore, consumed and WITHOUT any security checks in it.

Their questions are:

What is safe to buy? What is NOT safe to buy (as of today)? (What about tomorrow? Would there be any new products found to be categorized as dangerous? What about those we have eaten and someday found to be dangerous by other countries? – as this Melamine scandal also found by other country FIRST!)

Was there any lapse in SINGAPORE system?

How these contaminated products slipped past the AGRI-FOOD and VETERINARY AUTHORITY’s (AVA) stringent checks? – Well, they claimed as stringent btw…

How can we ensure that history does NOT repeat in the future? – Well, human-being is the very good quality controller, the more sensitive the human-body the better and slimmer chance that the problem will be repeating again in SINGAPORE – a nice and good branding advises to keep eating and consumes all products as much as possible so our next generation will be healthier and better living, aren’t they?

Should food safety checks be scaled up? Well, as always, when new case comes up, the same question thrown out to public, in SINGAPORE everything is always “reactive-action” instead of “proactive-action” remember that, so when new case comes, then that materials will be checked and categorized as dangerous.

Usually law will be enforced as well against Melamine-contained imported products will be no longer permitted to be imported to Singapore… well, as always, Melamine contaminated is always with us since long years and has victims falling due to this contaminated… then Authority might start to banned this products to enter Singapore.

Human-being consumers in Singapore is always the BEST quality-controllers here, as long as NO victims (plural form) falls with all the same symptoms, then there will be no product banned to be imported into Singapore.