Here are some articles from ChannelNewsAsia website that keep saying taking the milk-products from China are considered as Precaution Measures while actually they have failed to checks and let these products slipped and imported into Singapore, and have been consumed widely in Singapore by also their own people…

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And here some other, they keep saying China-made Melamine contaminated Milk-products will remain off-the-shelf as long as AVA (the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority) who supposed to scan, checks and apply stringest tests failed to do so, and let these contaminated and poisonous milk-products slipped and imported into Singapore, and again consumed widely.

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Well, some small businesses HDB-void-deck shops, will definitely get impacted by this. Even though NTUC FairPrice stated that milk-products which categorized to be tainted/contaminated buyer can return back the products, and request for refunds. Yes, how about those products which has been consumed and digested in every human-being here? And later found to be poisonous and generate sickness? Who will be responsible for these?

As you may have known, these kind of deseases will NOT immediately show their symptoms, but will take at least several months after consumption will then generate the symptoms. Perhaps by then, a new product(s) will be found and categorized as also contaminated… and the people who sick due to the current contamination will be considered and newly found case and categorized as nothing related to this current FAULTY of the security checks.