If you failed to read the fine-print in the packaging about the consumer-products you bought, that is YOUR fault when someday that the product you bought found to be milk-tainted, and categorized as dangerous food.

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That is what they can say, when their mighty fingers start pointing their powerfulness into people, the best QC checkers (aka. Consumers in Singapore).

That is what AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore) and HPB (Health Promotion Board of Singapore) can say, in their failure to check for every imported products into Singapore, and has been consumed several years by local people here, who thought products have been safely scanned and tested!

So in other word! When you sick due to the food you bought directly off-the-shelves in any Singapore places, that is YOUR own fault! As the government has wash-their-hands-off from being responsible of those, in up front!