When Singtel increase the home phone fix line subscription by 10% so starts from January 2009 onward per fix line at home by Singtel which is 90% now in Singapore will have to pay S$110 per year in installment every quarter, Starhub comes in the picture by giving ‘carrots’ of free home fix line phone without any single cent have to pay… BUT.

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Singtel phone line tied to MioTV which means when you migrate and ported your number to Starhub for a free Voice-enabled cable modem and free home fix line phone without any subscription and incoming/outgoing charge, you still can’t have the cheaper (but rediculous channels) Cable TV through MioTV.. so far S$19.90 for 22 channels.

While in Starhub SCV Cable TV, the home fix line phone is free of charge, but their Cable TV is pretty much more expensive to have only at least charges at S$24 with additional several dollars more for the Digital setop box and additional dollars for High-Definition setop box.

This is what we have known as left-pocket money goes to the right-pocket money, and what local people citizen in Singapore will have to say? Let’s save money more by NOT watching Cable TV and less phone call to save money expenses.