This is what PR (Permanent Resident) has been boiled, grilled and treated in Singapore… and this is the maximum that PR can do to voice out their protest…

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PR is paying the taxes with much higher price-tag then local Singaporean citizens, as they have their other tax benefits and parenthood packages, much lower maid levy and so on the list is continue to grow….

PR is paying the same amount of CPF deductible fee from their salary every month to contribute to the Singapore Economy growth, and to pay for their own Citizen ‘Growth Dividends’, ‘SRS’ Shares, ‘ERS’ Shares, and so on the term they used to call it, is getting nicer sweeter, and politer but if you see all these terms are all still refer to one thing which they claimed ‘There is NO money politics in Singapore’.

PR still have to pay much higher and higher and higher school fees, child-care, health-care at the Polyclinics, Singapore Government General Hospitals, as their subsidies is getting lower and lower to PR, due to their Citizen claims that PR does NOT deserve the subsidies, PR only to contribute, BUT never receive anything in return.

If the GOVERNMENT does NOT to hand out freebies to PRs, tighten the requirement to become a PRs (as the last sentence in that article stated)… or they are taking advantage of what the society is complaining like those subsidies and so on, or perhaps there is NO complaint at all and create such a story with complaints… Will they have ever think to tighten the requirement and regulation to become a PR in Singapore, and sacrifice all the benefits that a PR can contribute to Singapore? Time will prove it someday…

What would have happened to Singapore if all PR surrender their PR-ship status and grab all their CPR monies out of Singapore with them, and leave out Singapore?

So now with all the above giving, charges, fees, no subsidies, higher payment contribution, and NOTHING receives back as ‘Growth Dividend’ back to PR, who actually OWNS this country red-dot called Singapore then? You answer – discretely off course!