It is indeed a very very hillarious funny story on how Singapore Electricity Tariff is increase, as the reason of World Oil Price, and it is even more hillarious that the electricity generator in Singapore are mostly powered by NATURAL GAS instead of OIL!

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Read the above News Comment from Editor-at-Large who has just won the award on Editors “domain-world”, Mr. Conrad Raj, in his several contradictory-paragraphs above, you may find how hillarious Electricity Tariff in Singapore is. Here are some quoted paragraphs:

But as the new fuel prices was 38 percent higher then the previous quarter’s, SP (Singapore Power) was trying to tell us that it was passing on the entire increase in cost of the fuel oil.

Ironically! (the article said as what more egregious) was that the increase came at the time when a price of oil – on which the tariffs are based despite the fact that 80 percents of the electricity produced here comes from natural gas – was on its way down.

On the other paragraphs, the article stated that on the year end March 31 this year, Singapore Power’s revenue S$ 1.09 billions of S$ 5.45 billions, what more impressive is that, the company has been racking more then a billions dollars in net profit a year. Hilarious!

While Tuas Power which supply 25% of electricity consumed in Singapore, reported S$ 331 millions revenues of S$ 2.27 billions in year end March 31 this year also.

While for Senoko, country’s largest power supplier of 30% electricity in Singapore, posted revenues of S$ 2.49 billions, and their net revenues of S$ 130 millions in this year end of March.

And for Power Seraya’s another electricity contributor for consumption in Singapore, posted net profits of S$218 millions of this year March.

We’ll see what will happen in the next quarter, in the midst of oil pricing is going down, and whether we will get a good deal price or we will hear another answer of reason on why price is increase and another words whispering ‘we must save our electricity usage at home’ again…. you decide!