Some may have been agreed, due to several hillarious reasons of high-medical expenses that a dying family’s member needs to pay during the sick-and-dying person is in hospital.

Singapore may soon to have a price-tag for a human’s life, they have started playing GOD when they made it legal for abortion, which is also considered of terminating human’s life, and now soon-to-be placed on government’s agendas is Euthanasia, what they called as a gracious dignity way of ending human’s life.

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We, a Catholic human being, on whose our Archbishop has condemned the proposal of Euthanasia to be made legal in Singapore, what they called as ‘Mercy Killing’ with or without the concent of the sick-person.

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What about those cases, people who gain back their health after several long months in coma-state in hospital, will they be considered by Singapore government before they legalize the Euthanasia?

Singapore has claimed their advance state-of-the-art medical science, which can really taken care sick patients, has even come up with such proposal to discuss about Euthanasia.

Does money talk more in the discussion or human conciousness talks more for the human life? Let’s pray for the proposal not to be approved in any kind of forms or words-playing as Singapore is always familiar with.