When you need support from people surrounding you, what you need to know and to start with is simple to know what their surrounding people need, and the trends that they are having and involved with… when you know how to lure people surrounding you and catch them in your net, you will easily get their support the time when you need them most.

The people of Singapore (known as Singaporeans) growing trends now is the failing investment that they have made in the melting markets, and what these people know best of when they start failing and realize they need something(one) else to be the scapegoats:

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The amounting debts that the people here has, is one of the trend that is happening and sucks them deep into the worm-hole waiting for hands to bail them out of the hole.

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And when their helping hands playing good-samaritans’ of Singapore way of assistance, the helping hands know when to extend the help and bailing them out, the roles that need genious and brainious mind-set to catch them into their nets, is reaching them…

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So you can see what I saw, what you need to know is playing your roles at the right time, on the right people, and at the right place – then you will the very good survivability.