What is in your mind when you heard someone will pouring lots of money at one point in time? Happy, excited, anxiety, and full of dreams on what to do, on how to spend the money, where to go for vacation bla bla bla…

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In Singapore, after several cases happening on Government pouring lot of lots of money to their local citizens, that is not the happiness that these local citizens replying with their story…

People say… they give us money in our left pocket, but they take up our money pretty much more from our right pocket… how can that story be happening? I was wondering, how can that be possible, robbing people back on the money they have freely given? – is there anything free in Singapore, btw?

While people’s debt is getting more and more increasing high in Singapore, with again the two casino is coming in our ways, and payment of shopping is easily lured people to pay by any kind of installment schemes… making worst to come on how money will be spent by locals here. Is there any recession in Singapore, btw?

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Why people are so worried with the reply of them is ‘they give us more money, means they will take pretty much more back from our pocket’ money will be pouring out from Government to local citizen in next year budget, will that means there is another ‘poke’ will come in our way next year? – I’m not really sure whether it is related of below articles.

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What we can do is just wait on what next year will be happening in Singapore. We all pray for the best.