Well, after several weeks probably months, those melamine tainted products were taken off the shelves from all around Singapore and return back to importers warehouse which has caused product mounting in their warehouse… soon these products will be back to shelves in Singapore’s stores for consumers to purchase and consumed.

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Even though they will be tested, and categorized each and every products according to the level of contamination (READ: contained) of melamine, but still these dangerous products are soon to be listed and sell to consumers.

Low risk products will be back to shelves this week like Bread, Cakes and so on… coming to the medium risk and high risk like milks products etc…

The simplest question will be, why on earth were these products taken off the shelves and categorized as dangerous products to be consumed and then several weeks or months later these same products are back to shelves to be sold to consumers? – while the news above stated that ‘The ban on China milk products has left many food importers grappling with piles of returned-stocks and mounting losses’ – Do you sniff something interesting here in this paragraph and “The Return of The China Milk Products” in Singapore ?

Are we (people) still be the good quality control (assurance) personnel in this country?

You decide.