When it comes to Singapore’s most powerful woman in any part of the world according to Wall Street Journal’s annual list, it will be Ms. Ho Ching – who is also known as Singapore’s Prime Minister second wife, and the boss of Temasek Holdings.

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Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee second wife, as according to these several sources from internet search engines results in Wikipedia:

URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ho_Ching
Ho Ching (Chinese: ??; pinyin: Hé Jing) is the Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings (over US$100 billion in assets and owned by Singapore’s Ministry of Finance) and the wife of the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong (son of former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew).

Ms Ho graduated from the University of Singapore in 1976 with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical, First Class Honours) after completing her pre-university education at National Junior College where she emerged as a Student of the Year and was a President’s Scholar. She graduated from Crescent Girls’ School. She also holds a Master of Science (Electrical) from Stanford University, USA.[1] In 1995, Ms Ho was conferred the Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award. She is also an Honorary Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Singapore.

She is the eldest child of four children of retired businessman Ho Eng Hong and Chan Chiew Ping. In 17 December 1985, she married Lee Hsien Loong, who later became Singapore’s third Prime Minister in August 2004.

Ms Ho is Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings.

She began her career as an engineer with the Ministry of Defence. In 1987, she joined the Singapore Technologies group as Deputy Director of Engineering, and became its President and Chief Executive Officer before retiring in 2001. She later joined Temasek Holdings in May 2002.


URL: http://singaporegovt.blogspot.com/2005_12_01_archive.html
Turning Points
First turning point was the death of his first wife, Malaysian-born medical doctor Dr Wong Ming Yang, in 1982. According to public media, she died of a heart attack shortly after giving birth to their second child. Others claim that she committed suicide by pressures from her in-laws but this is certainly not true and probably arisen from people that bore aversion out of LKY’s authoritative rule.


Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2004/08/12 13:01:18 GMT
He has had a troubled personal life. He has suffered – and overcome – cancer. His first wife is said to have committed suicide. Their son is albino and autistic.


URL: http://www.answers.com/topic/lee-hsien-loong
Lee’s first wife, Malaysian-born doctor Wong Ming Yang, died on 28 October 1982 of a heart attack three weeks after giving birth to Lee’s first son Lee Yi Peng, a mildly autistic albino. There were rumours that Wong died of suicide. In 1985, Lee married Ho Ching, a fast-rising civil servant. They have one daughter and three sons, including one daughter and son from Lee’s first wife.


So far I’ve tried to search and did some further deeper digging in internet search engine about Dr. Wong Ming Yang, the PM Lee first wife on the actual fact of what happen like any autopsy, international news coverage, I could not find anything about this.

It is just to feed my curiosity hunger to learn and know more about Singapore, place where we have been living but know nothing about its real-history.