The infamous CoE which is called Certificate of Entitlement for “leasing” a car in Singapore for 10 years duration, the piece of paper that making money for Singapore the country that never produce their own car but making money out of car… goes down to rock-bottom $2 for small car below 1,600cc.

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The very smart move to lure people to buy car, when price of the car instantly dropped $10,000 more because of this CoE.

Will people bite this carrot?

When Parking monthly easily cost $100, insurance easily cost $100, road-tax easily reach $100, petrol monthly for less then 2-3 hour drive daily easily reach $200, and the car installment itself the cheapest will go at least for a small ‘Korean’ made car is $600 – will these people bite the carrot?

Probably they will, and think again… what will happen if lots of people buying a car? Traffic jams everywhere in this island, at every hour, and in even the tunnels… what will happen after the traffic jams? ERP which they think as the way to ease the traffic congestions, will be AGAIN increased… who will get the benefit out of this increase ERP?… well… Someone aka. Government.

Smart move…. isn’t it?