GST tax in Singapore, which has impact to all people ‘across the board’ to anybody in Singapore, decided to stick with its rate as 7%… even thought lots of ‘pressures’ to squeeze down this GST to soften the impact of economy slow down and hope to boost up sales in Singapore.

NO… Singapore Government has decided NOT to reduce GST to any rate lower then the current one 7%, BUT Singapore Government has planned to give MORE CASH money to ONLY all its Citizen in next year 2009 BUDGET, to soften the impact of economy slow down and I doubt it will boost the sales.

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So again… everybody else in Singapore will be squeezed down all the way as the impact of economy slow down including its Permanent Residence people.

You see, Permanent Residence AGAIN being squeezed in the middle, while PR pay the same amount of TAX to Government, we pay the SAME amount of deduction to CPF board every month never miss BUT PR pays more expensive for ALL others like School Fees, Medical Fees in Clinic / Hospitals to name a few of them.

What question might have been thrown to PR in Singapore… if you still feel confident to Singapore economy, you will still staying in Singapore, else you might have been migrated out of Singapore… or you can’t take the squeeze, you may always welcome to convert Singapore citizen and sacrificing all what your own country might have better – aka. Land Space.

On the other hand, if you read my previous article, more money given from Government to Citizen’s left hand, that means more money will be taken from Citizen’s right hand… that means MORE SQUEEZE will be happening to everybody all in general in Singapore including AGAIN Permanent Residence! – this is from Singaporeans comment.

Somebody is playing their card right…