There are several anecdots around in Singapore for what policy-makers have made policies for Singapore, two of the very famous anecdots are as what I heard frequently… when you want to boil a frog, do not ever boil with direct heat, the frog will jump out of the cooking pot… and the other one is… when you want to poke someone, always poke slowly, poke left, poke right, but never stab directly with a knife as that person will die instantly. Hehehe… ironic, isn’t it?

Here is what happen when the pinch/poke/boiling feels differently in different kind of class-society.

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What is the 25% means for these big mountain pay of people compare to those in low-middle class society, when allowances are all being paid covered, like home-utilities, car, petrols, parking, telephone, mobile, travel, even home allowance are some provided by company they work for… even travel holiday vacation are some covered as well.

While these 25% could means a whole life more to low-middle class people to meet their ends every months, to cover their bread-winning family, for their sole-incoming provider for the family.

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Another interesting article above mainly for those people in “white-white” uniforms, will these people feel any pinch/poke/boiling when the whole country is low-middle class has pretty much pain and impacts in their every month meet-the-end for living?

Will these people be able to hear for their people are crying from the ground when they are all up above in supersonic jets not even a helicopter hovering far up from the ground?

Will we see any better and fairer policy to be surfaced or out from their oven someday. Time will still be the best judge for these questions.

We should wait till closer to the next election.