A very controversial story in Singapore’s infamous town council story ever in history. “Be Thankful” for the lost of $16 millions investment in Mini-Bonds and High-Notes of Lehman Brothers structured products.

And now comes up with a very very controversial self-defense, trying to reduce the slap-painfulness from the public opinion of what their people are capable of…

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Very impressive that these people is trying to cover their face full of humiliation on what they have lost due to their irresponsible acts of investing, too much lured of their money.

They have been receiving plenty of tons of bonuses when fruit of their investment are huge amounts, so now what they will do when they made our people’s money LOST in $16 millions of their lost investment? What can they do? What will these people do? Most importantly, what the ‘Be Thankful’ person be responsible to these clumpsy investment they did? – We’ll all know the answer best!

Yes, sucks more money from residence by increasing the town council monthly fee to cover their lost, seems to be one of the option that have on top of their list option(s) – provided they have more option to think! Or they still have brain-space to think beside to cover their humiliated ‘Be Thankful’ face!