So this time Civil Servant in Singapore will get pay cut, including President, Prime Ministers and Ministers. I saw last night in Channel 5 News was a huge payment which I could not find that article in Channel NewsAsia but finally I found it in MyPaper website, which is belong to Singapore Press Holding – this is a different company then Mediacorp who owns TV Channels in Singapore including Channel NewsAsia, Channel 5 News and most of Radio channels.

Here is what I found as an impressive salary, and (one of) the highest in the world even compare to ‘peanuts’ that US President’s salary is.

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Singapore Salary for Civil Servants per annum:

President SGD 3.14 millions drop 19% pay cut.
Prime Minister SGD 3.04 millions drop 19% pay cut.
Ministers SGD 1.57 millions drop 18% pay cut.
Allowances for Members of Parliament SGD 190.000 drop 16% pay cut.

Those are what they call as PAY CUT on their salary!

And just the following below is what listed in TODAY paper, a newspaper belong to MediaCorp.

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If I properly read this article from TODAY paper, I didnt see any specific statement stated as clear as MyPaper when they informed about sensitive information.
[Correction] There is in the continued page… 🙂

When they proudly mentioned ‘they join the misery of people’ by doing the same pay cut, what they have in their ‘pay cut’ is equal to what we as decent people has in 10 years of salary – you see what I’m trying to say!