After yesterday critics article and its comment, today some voices come up with one of the interesting one as following below, NTUC which is Singapore’s very owned Union which is supposed to be on workers’ side everytime there is a mis-fortunate happens.

Recently NTUC seems has forgotten where they put their teeth the last time they used it, and when they need it the most, they dont know where to find it anymore, till the mis-fortunate happens so hard and deep.

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The above even stated that NTUC is instead waiting for ‘real teeth’ to be planted by employers, which means the teeth which can only selectively bite certain food, with several prohibition to bite to avoid any further tooth-breaking or loosing.

Yes it is… NTUC is working behind the scenes… which we never know which scenes is considered they are working on, or we will never know at all, why we have to pay significant membership monthly?