Be carefull… in Singapore, do NOT just wear any kind of T-Shirt or buy any similar cute T-Shirt without knowing the meaning behind it on what the producer/creator has in mind.

Wearing a T-Shirt with picture “Kangaroo with Judge’s Rope” passing through Orchard Rd. Suntec City. Bugis. City Hall area might be freely without any problem… but passing through Supreme Courts, Parliament, and any Government offices which are just around the corners in City Hall Singapore, might get you end up in Jail…

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As these three people did, perhaps they have the intention in their mind, but what if a group of Secondary/Primary students wearing such T-Shirts in their outing around the area, on which the T-Shirt designer has pictured “Kangaroo with Judge’s Rope” and these group of students go for excursion or any places around or in the building… will they get any jail sentence too?

The act of wearing and the intention might be biased, but what they think is always cant be an undenial truth… even it can be a controversial, but who will care as long as that does not concern ‘me’.