Electricity tariff, finally after several hard-complaint from public, and general wisdom advisory comments from local Singaporeans ‘we have to safe more on electricity usage’ – when they faced increase in electricity tariff for housing by 30% increase this Q3 and Q4 of 2008.

Finally the electricity tariff goes down the next quarter Q1 of 2009 (January to March):

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Now comments from public’s forum, do they always wait for public complaint and questions first before they start using their sanity mind to revise the price, by which Q4 oil prices were all went downward but electricity price which they said tied to oil price, were went up significantly.

Ironically, they declared a hefty bonus pay-out for their staff and management during the increase of the electricity tariff.

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Do you see the jump and the fall down from the graphics, try sometime to calculate and rationalize the percentage increase and the decrease between the two, the oil price and the electricity tariff. Probably someone better math then I do, will be able to see the interesting parts on that graphic.

We’ll see on Q2 of 2009, how much differences will it when Oil Price is all time low now, and never even reach any increase during the last 6 months… Will the infamous Electricity Tariff in Singapore be back increased in Q2? Likely it will be…

Welcome to Singapore.