When I first read this article today morning, I was laughing out loud while I was waiting for my bus to come, until people surrounding me (well, as usual, kiasu n kiasi) are starring at me, probably they almost call 999 – to grab me in.

Hahahahaha… what took you so long to see it, buddy?

But this article, is really impressive comes direct straight from the most powerful criminal lawyer of Singapore, Mr. Subhas Anandan himself.

He said “if there is no satisfactory answers are forthcoming, you cannot blame the man in the street for thinking that there is one law for the rich and one for the poor” – which one stern examples was when wife of Venture Corp head Wong Ngit Leong, slapped Singapore Airlines Stewardess based on jealousy that she was attending and be nice to her husband on board Singapore Airlines flight – there was NOTHING made public all arrangement and settlement about this case.

While for the road rage incidents, the culprit was fined $1,000 but the victim lost the compensation of $8,000 and all these things are made known to public widely.

Here is the article:

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Again, hahahahaha… what took you so long to see it, buddy?