Have you ever come across how the social living in Singapore likes? Have you ever felt whether anybody even bother about listening to Hong Lim Park Speakers’ Corner session?

As this article said, don’t wait for commitee to decide before just simply give an umbrella to a opposition politician speaking under the drizzling rains in Speakers’ Corner…

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The first thing splash in my mind when I read this article yesterday was simply, people here are afraid on the consequencies by just giving an umbrella to the speaker ‘Tan Kin Lian’ who is a vocal opposition politician due the drizzling rain, will give them a bad-impression that tied to him or somehow related…

And it becomes true by this following reply in the newspaper article.

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Human being rational for people in Singapore is simply deminished and the first thing they have in their mind is a simply ‘opposition related’ stamp by society, or perhaps a ‘rumour’ about hidden-camera surrounding the speakers’ corner which can cause any near-future ‘difficulties’ to those umbrella-provider to the speaker.

Hey, it’s simply an umbrella based on human-being to human-being, won’t cause you a few minute walks up and perhaps few dollars umbrella to a human-being… which seems never be happened in Singapore society, simply due to personal ‘concerns’ over human being.

The answer is… NONE!