Have you ever heard several assumptions, judgements, condemnations of Foreigners in Singapore by their very own local people? – Well, one of the infamous condemnation is the “Litter Bugs” stamp that Foreigners have to carry on their always-on signboard on top of their head, every where they go in Singapore.

While there is new founding exactly who the litter bugs are, as stated in this article below:

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This very interesting findings in this article stated 64.1% which is close to almost 44% more litter bugs are the very own local people. They do their own litters, and at their always best-at blaming do the blame to Foreigners.

Have they ever had any ‘shame’ by blindlessly blame others on what they do on their own, or this is what they are always best at – do the ‘Tai Ji Qian’ push to the right direction.

Foreigners, who I believe, will pretty much behave whenever they are NOT in their own home-country, and pretty sure they will NOT carry on what they used to do in their own home-country (littering – I assumed), in other country they are living on… but they can’t do anything on the judgement that society has in their mind about them.

Mirror mirror on the walls, shall you show who the bugs actually are….