This article is really what I say as ‘Sexual Harassment’ – has anybody ever missed train or bus in any peak-hours morning or evening? Can anybody comment on those kind of (what they called) efficient transportation, on which the transport fare is keep bloody increasing, how much f*cking money do they earn from this every one-cent increase in daily transporation itself? – And how much low-more they need even they have hired bus-driver from China instead of their own kind of people. Hey, those job are for locals people here!

And now there is this stupid article!

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You know what! Don’t WASTE your time commenting, organizing those seminar talks or whatever bull-shitting event talking about these “Sexual Harassment” on board the bus/train, why don’t you just f*cking get-off the train/bus and take those taxi-ride home or drive your own f*cking car!

Train and Bus in Singapore is FAR then enough to cater the commuter needs specially during morning peaks hours it is even starts from7.00am weekday on working.

The problem is NOT in the ‘sexual harassment’ but more to the transportation system in Singapore!