It is just getting rediculous, a doctor who is always clear-bright minded person, “ended” his life under the bridge in Sydney after several disappointment on his Mindef contract (READ: bond) for his scholarship, which keep getting extended beyond written black-n-white in the contract paper he signed when he was 18 years old.

Here is what the dead-doctor’s family’s written letter to newspaper, not sure whether it has been edited:

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Read on his “excerpt of email” on the paragraph article above, and his family is asking for independent inquiry panel with an “oversight powers” – to do the investigation. I really love to read the word ‘oversight powers’ – do we need this ‘extra powers’ to do an investigation against the mindef which aka. Government of Singapore?

Here is what article says…

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Nobody knows what actually happen, and nobody will ever know what actually happened, whether he commit suicide, ended his own life, murdered, push down the bridge, fell down to his death, or even slip from somewhere down to the bridge…

Again, one thing for sure.. another life has been wasted and this time is a bright brilliant doctor who has gotten his specialist training in UK, but all of them was “paid” by the SAF Scholarship (aka. Ministry of Defence of Singapore).

Somehow it reminds me of another similar case… from Singapore infamous David Hartanto NTU!