I just couldn’t understand why these bunch of “Blind & Deaf” people are working in Singapore Transport Authority! They are discussing about ‘fine’ which obviously generate revenue for Singapore Government, but close their ears and eyes to the sufficiency of the transportation!

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They should try to board the commuter bus (the Town Link specially) from any bus stops along crowded residencies areas (in East for example), you are lucky if you can stick your butt against the door or even gets your butt pinched by the door when it’s closing. Or even get your “ugly-looking-Singaporean” staring at you when you push them into train when the next train is even just more then 2 minutes away!

The BUS driver will NEVER say any voice to order passangers to move behind or to even get to the upper deck on the double-decker bus!

But again, they are talking on fine fine and fine, which really could not make any sense when their service is getting worse by minutes.

Singapore is really a fine city….