When you cant identified which one is yours, naturally you will put a name-tag in the item that is belong to you… specially if the item is so valuable, and more and more cant be traced which one is yours, then you will put a fine for those which is not yours, but found to be similar and being consumed in your properties.

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But still some naughty boys, bring those ‘illegal’ item in, consumed and selling them out to others who are also consumes them. And then what you will do with your own item which is legally to be sold and contribute such a high duty-tax paid? You will put a mark in that each of the item.

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So in other word, if you cant differentiate which one is yours, you put a mark to identified which one is yours. And in this morning news, they proudly say, this is the first in world to implement this solution, I was wondering why they dont think as the other way round… it’s a moving back-ward, and if overseas tourist buy cigarette from Singapore, and bring back to their country or consume while they are here… they will notice why such move is necessary to be done up to that stage?

One thing for sure, I’m NOT smoking or ever thought to do it!