David Widjaja – NTU

This is what Singapore well-known news website forums AsiaONE posted.

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We’ll see whether the truth behind the death of David Hartanto Widjaja of NTU Singapore will be uncovered.
I doubt it will…



This is what public in Singapore has been told to believe, and they do believe it – or they dont care which one is the truth, as this is what they are expert or been trained to.

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What people here will never know, they will never want to know.


Here is what they only care… the recovering Professor of infamous NTU.

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This is what they only know.


One of the general readers of AsiaONE has put a comment as following found in AsiaONE forums.

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There seems nobody care about finding the truth while newspaper has put lots of dirty things to David.


This is the one that has been removed from NTU website according the previous posting statement, lucky I managed to read the preceeding statement and managed to catch screen capture of this search-result.

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Now, as if there is no David Hartanto Widjaja that has ever been studying in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore in their records, even for his Final Year Project has been quickly removed from database.


What ever written here in under the === line is direct quote from statement in the provided link.
Original link to this statement can be found here.
The persons is even claimed responsibility about the details here.



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04 Mar `09, 5:36PM

I am one of David Hartanto’s close friend and I am here to give you
some facts, assumptions, possibilities about this case


1. Lok Tat Seng: Dean of Student of NTU gathered all Indonesian students in
International Student Center on evening after incident and he just said there was
witness on the spot who saw David’s body lying on the ground, dead.

Dean did not said that witness saw David jumped from balcony.
And that is, according to him, all he has saw.

2. The only official statement from police is: David was found dead at
the crime scene, they did not mention whether he commited suicide.

The link: No more PDF liao

They also just mention ‘The professor was believed to be stabbed’.
The police did not say that ‘the professor was stabbed’.
Where this assumption come from?
Why they did not say about it?

3. I and some Indonesian students gather tonight, 3 March 2009, at 8 pm,
at International Student Center and talked to David’s parent.
They have seen his body. There was NO WOUND whatsoever on his wrists
and police also has confirmed it.
I assumed that his parent would not lie it means that all media news about
‘David slashed his wrist’ was FAKE.

4. The wounds found on David’s body, according to his parents,
were on his head (It is assumed due to fall injury),
and slash wound on his neck. The wound on his neck is very suspicious, in
my opinion. How he received that wound??

Again, according to his parent, police guessed that it may be happened
when the bottom part of his head smashed the ground.
In that case, his chin will have broken and it did not.

1. David stabbed professor. How did you know? The crime scene is closed room,
only David and that professor. No one see what has happened.
Eye-witness only saw David run out from that room.

2. David commited suicide. How could someone who commited suicide drop himself
into glassed roof, instead of directly drop himself to ground.

3. David slashed his wrist. I do not know where this news came from…

4. David’s motivation.

4.1. He pissed off since his prof did not give satisfactory grade

The grade has not been released and he even has not submitted the report.
It is also NTu policy not to inform the student about the grade which they got
before release of the result.

4.2. He has mental problem

No record in Student Counselling Centre about his attendance. For bright student
as him, I did not believe that he did not attend counseling if he has some
problems. Also, he still brought bag with usual daily stuff, on incident day,
such as drink bottle, towel, etc. If David planned to kill someone why would
he prepare to bring such things. It is easier for him to just bring one knife
and stab his prof on spot.

4.3. He pissed off because his scholarship has been revoked

I knew David since I was his roommate for 2 consecutive
years during Mathematical Olympiad training camp. He almost did not
qualify for IMO, only managed to get at 14th rank from 15 people selected.
He still joked and laughed to me at that time. He also did not get anything
from IMO and still fine, not seemed depressed whatsoever, and according to his parents,
he said ‘At least, I managed to represent Indonesia at IMO’
He also still play Hammerfall game in Facebook at 2 am on the incident day.

My friend saw his Facebook account online. How come
a murderer played game in the night before incident? If I was him,
I will seriously think how would I prepare myself tomorrow

1. Professor attacked David. I deduced this thing for several key points.
According to many reports, David’s cloth was soaked on blood. If the blood is
the result from slashing his wrist, it should not soak his cloth since wrist is
far from body. If the wound is from neck, it is easier.

2. David tried to run from Professor. After he realized that he was attacked,
he resisted and run from that room, with wound on his neck.

3. David falled because of unconsciousness. He became panic and probably lose his common sense
because of terrible bleeding, drop himself down into glassed roof to escape from his Professor.

I am responsible for what I have written here, and contact me at kaminari.no.me@gmail.com
if you need any clarification.

Original link:
FACEBOOK – David Hartanto Widjaja – NTU – Singapore
What ever written here under the ==== line is direct quoted.



Saturday, Maret 07, 2009
The Truth Behind David Widjaja’s Incident that has not yet been revealed.
This is the English Version of my previous post. Thank you for Felicia Yan which has spend her time for translate it.

I want to ask for a help to publish this post in any media, online forums, blog, facebook/friendster/anything, just feel free to publish this post.

March 5th 2009 23:37

Today I and some of David’s friends from elementary – senior high school visited David’s family at their home, for expressing our lament toward the tragedy and seeking the real truth. All of us (David’s friends and teachers) believed that he did not do such a crime like what media had published. When we were just arrived, there were his parents and brother welcoming us, and we discussed what had happened there.

The more we try to figure out this case, the more we found various oddities which are not disclose. Due to clarifying from David’s best friend from NTU called Edwin who already pawned his bachelor degree we would like to express our big gratitude toward him for trying to reveal the truth. Finally we would like to spread the truth story about David Hartanto , our best friend.

Several discordances:
1 Released by Media that David had attacked Professor Chan Kap Luk, then have intention to suicide by slicing his wrist , from where that the news come from. What they purpose to publish false news mentioned that David had slashed his own wrist?

2. When David’s family arrived in Singapore on Monday 2th March 2009 at night after the incident, Family wanted directly to recognize David’s cadaver however there are certain parties not allowed them. They said that it’s already the rule, so family tried to be cooperative even at the utter shocked moment. When Family had been allowed to recognize David’s cadaver after waiting for one day, nevertheless Family only can see David’s cadaver from neck until head, while others part had covered with plastic even they had asked to open the plastic and wanted to see his entire cadaver. Family had confirmed to Singapore police there is no wound on his wrist and at that time family also found there were many plaster on his front neck (neck under chin).

The question is why they have to wait for 1 day just for seeing their son’s cadaver?
Why David’s cadaver covered with plastic and not allowed to be opened? Is there any rule like that? Or just manipulation from certain parties to cover the truth?
From where wound on his neck? Why around David’s cadaver buttock had much blood? And never had been discussed by media.

3. Due to not been allowed to see David’s cadaver, Family decided to visit the spot on Monday night, however when they were there they couldn’t see any blood left or police line, it’s already been cleaned. Only within 7 hours after incident the spot had been cleaned totally. Is there any reason why they are so rapid cleaning the spot?

4. Then Family visited David’s room and they found all the computer devices still on. Does someone who intent to suicide still switches on his computer? Even David’s friend who was online witnessed David’s msn account still appeared online. Does it looks like David wanted to end his life? Even he still played online games with his friend who visited David’s family with us until 2 am at Monday morning.

5 In Professor’s room family found there was David’s bag. In his bag family found 1.5 L mineral bottle and towel.( for those who knew David , He always brings towel to school even sometimes he put his towel on his neck. He also always brings water because his mother always instructs him to consume much water.) Does someone who want to suicide will bring this kind of stuff, it would be more easy to bring merely knife which is belongs to somebody.

6 .David’s family had been prevented to meet with Professor Chan Kap Luk with reason that at that time he was still in ICU. However Professor’s condition had been stable since Tuesday and allowed to return home on Wednesday, mentioned by Singapore media. However until today I never heard his statement towards this tragedy.

7. When family intended to meet with the witness who saw David’s suicide from 4th floor, NTU not allowed with reason that this issue should be keep confidentially. So from where we know that there is someone who saw David’s suicide, not accidently falling or there someone pushed him down?

8. Data about David and his final year project had been removed from NTU data base. Within 2 days NTU directly removed David’s data and his project. Is there any special reason behind this? Why should quickly removed his data? Don’t they have any feeling to remember their brilliant and intelligent student who won International Mathematic Olympic? Seemed like David never study in NTU.

9. The knife that had been used is from 4th hall, is that the result from investigation? Or just excused? One of our friends who study at NTU said usually Professor has small knife in his office to cut fruit. The question is that knife belongs to David or Professor Chan Kap Luk?

10. The tragedy happened at 10.45 am on Monday Singapore time. Doesn’t its oddity, merely few students who witnessing the incident? Is there any demand from NTU to remain silent?

11. The tools that had been found to stab the Professor is fruit knife without handle. Where is the handle? Is it possible to stab someone using knife without handle? Who stab who still been unknown, and the handle should be found. However there isn’t formal specify explanation about this case.

The fraud News about David which had been mentioned by media is not based on anything, this is the clarification:
1. David intent to kill his professor then suicide by jumping from 4th floor and in that room merely David and Professor. David now had departure and the only witness that we had merely his Professor. How we can be convinced that his statement is true without any sufficient prove? The statement from Professor could not become a reason to blame David.

2. In some Media had Mentioned David stressed because his scholarship was terminated last month, he had attacked a wrong person because of misunderstanding. Does all this issue so oddity? David was clearly conscious that his scholarship will be terminated because his performance was falling down and that’s not professor false. Moreover David’s father claimed that David had told them 3 weeks ago, soon after he received message from NTU. And Family accepted and could bear the fee since it will be the last semester in NTU for David.

3. It is also mentioned that David was in depression, due to could not finishing his final project. David’s friend who schooled in NTU said that David project was almost accomplished. He didn’t go back home to Indonesia last semester because want to concentrate on his project. For those who knew David, David love games however one thing that we also knew he always did his duties and homework adequately without need help from someone, and cheat someone’s homework. Therefore if in Media mentioned that David attacked his Professor because he stressed couldn’t finish his project, it really does not make sense.

4. Media also said that David disappeared almost one week before the incident. Nevertheless his family knew that he was concentrating on his project. The statement that David had disappeared from society due to depression and intended to attack his professor has failed to convince us and is not valid. Within that week David chatted with his brother, and also played online games with his friends. He did not look like someone in deep depression who wanted to attack his professor.

All facts that had appeared recently, already removed the false news from Media:
1. David died due to jump from 4th floor without any wound on his wrist and with wound on his neck and buttock.

2. Professor checked out from hospital within 2 days without any clarification and picture whether he experienced dire injured or not.

Speculations and Other Possibilities:
Did David stab his professor when he was facing computer screen? If yes, it is impossible to recover soon within 2 days.

Is there any possibility that the professor attacked David? We don’t know, if yes. What would be his motive?

Recently the news about the professor wants to steal David’s project is vividly talked by many people. This issue is supported by David’s friend who mentioned Final year project David almost accomplished. Is there any possibility a Professor from famous university in advance country wants to steal his own student final project? Is it the real motive? We don’t know.

Is there 3rd party in this incident? We also don’t know.

In conclusion the entire David friends and teachers in Indonesia are hard to accept the news without any appropriate evidences. Without these evidences we are not convinced that a brilliant, nice person like David stabbing his own Professor.

From David’s Friends and teachers: David, now there is nothing we can do besides clearing your image and mention the truth about you. Please rests in peace, we all love you so much.

Author : Klemens Andrianto
Translator & Editor : Felicia Yan