When was the last time you heard, been updated, or even read about how Singapore’s education system like or perhaps I should say as how much pressures that a school kid in Singapore actually carry on their school-going age? Or perhaps how far their parent has actually prepared the pressures that their kid(s) must carry on their school-age live?

Or worst case… how huge actually their Parent’s ego is, which their child(ren) needs to carry (READ: Compete) in their school-age live?

Here is the article that is also proven-right to me when I got to know what the actual is…

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That article above is totally right, when I know what exactly Singapore education like when I attend on one of their infamous ministry’s seminar (obviously) the Singapore very owned MoE (Ministry of Education).

When most child(ren)’s mind is always toys, plays and having funs in enormous energy level that they have, their (mostly Singaporeans) parent’s mind and their government have totally long way pressurized plans ahead of their ways on their education system.

A child is expected to be well-verse in reading when they start Primary one, when they are also expected to write proper sentence as well starts even from a Primary ONE at the age of only 6 years old!

Hey! When was the first time you (Parent and Government) start to read your first word – perhaps ‘mama’ – when your child is expected to start full length proper sentence which obviously they should be able to read first then to write, in the same age as you!

Have you even heard that even in Primary school age, students will be SEPARATED, which they called (as always they are capable in softening word) as grouped, based on the capability of their BRAIN! – Haven’t you thought that these students should be able to mix around with all students regardless of who they are, what they skin color is, what they are capable of, or perhaps their academic results?

Have you even heard what they have in Primary school activities are? Have you ever come across that overseas excursion is one of the list that they need to do? – Or this is just one of the ‘BEING UNIQUE” competing against their own government neighbourhood schools ‘business-mindset’ that they have or they are pressurized on?

Singapore! When you expect your very own citizen to BREED fast-enough to fill in your population demands to avoid your fast-declining population due to your own policy… BUT here are all you’ve provided for your next generation people.

Every time I cook with my lovely Pressure-Cooker pots, all the bones in the fish is totally smashed softened, and faster cooking to get the same results of the meat tenderness – will you do the same to your own “Fruit of Love” ??

Would you be one of them? – One of us, one of them….



When they claim, electricity tariff is tied to the Oil Price, while their Electricity Generator is powered by Gas… it is always they declare that oil price went up, electricity tariff would go up – that is logical.

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Well, it seems like logical-thinking in Singapore needs to be fine-tuned further, as it becomes up side down, when it term of Oil Price – Electricity Tariff – Gas-Powered Electricity Generator comes in the picture, again specially in Singapore.

As the oil price goes down, but still the electricity goes up! You don’t want to listen how rediculuous their reason is.

The best part is… when citizen hear this, the first thing comes out from their mouth… we have to save the use of electricity further again. UNBELIEVABLE! They just accept as it is.


I just can’t believe this such event get the approval to be done…

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Walking in tunnel with 15,000 people with Candle in a lentern every one of them, it is off course an obvious situation that oxygen level will be very much reduce, even though the LTA said 6 jet fans was working, it will NEVER be design for HUMAN being to walk through, those jet fans are design for car in a driving condition.

HUMAN collapsed and no news about him anymore, and LTA is washing their hands by just saying six jet fans and six tunnel ventilation fans were all working consistently throughout the events… why don’t they think, WHO APPROVED such event to be done. Are they covering someone?

We’ll see what people commented or responded tomorrow.