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This is the list of Top 10 World Leader’s Salary according to TimesOnline artile, here’s their list:

1. Lee Hsien Loong – Singapore
Salary in dollars – $2.47 million
Salary in local currency – S$3.76 million

2. Donald Tsang Yum-Kuen – Hong Kong
Salary in dollars – $516,000 – just 20% of Singapore’s PM Salary!
Salary in local currency – HK$4 million

3. Barack Obama – United States
Salary in dollars – $400,000 – just 16% of Singapore’s PM Salary!

4. Brian Cowen – Ireland
Salary in dollars – $341,000 – just 13.8% of Singapore’s PM Salary!
Salary in local currency – €257,000

5. Nicolas Sarkozy – France
Salary in dollars – $318,000 – just 12.8% of Singapore’s PM Salary!
Salary in local currency – €240,000

6. Angela Merkel – Germany
Salary in dollars – $303,000 – just 12% of Singapore’s PM Salary!
Salary in local currency – €228,000

7. Gordon Brown – UK
Salary in dollars – $279,000 – just 11% of Singapore’s PM Salary!
Salary in local currency – £194,250

8. Stephen Harper – Canada
Salary in dollars – $246,000 – just 9.9% of Singapore’s PM Salary!
Salary in local currency – C$311,000

9. Taro Aso – Japan
Salary in dollars – $243,000 – just 9.8% of Singapore’s PM Salary!
Salary in local currency – Y24 million

10. Kevin Rudd – Australia
Salary in dollars – $229,000 – just 9.2% of Singapore’s PM Salary!
Salary in local currency – A$330,000

And in fact the Top 10 world politicians’ salary – are all in the picture below.

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The three top Singapore leaders’ salary in combination, is even able to pay the entire Australians Cabinets plus their Prime Minister’s Salary 🙂 Even the highest closest first runner-up is just 20% of Singapore’s Prime Minister’s Salary.

The Singapore’s infamous word of wisdom “You pay Peanut, You get MONKEY! So that is PEANUT!”



There are several anecdots around in Singapore for what policy-makers have made policies for Singapore, two of the very famous anecdots are as what I heard frequently… when you want to boil a frog, do not ever boil with direct heat, the frog will jump out of the cooking pot… and the other one is… when you want to poke someone, always poke slowly, poke left, poke right, but never stab directly with a knife as that person will die instantly. Hehehe… ironic, isn’t it?

Here is what happen when the pinch/poke/boiling feels differently in different kind of class-society.

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What is the 25% means for these big mountain pay of people compare to those in low-middle class society, when allowances are all being paid covered, like home-utilities, car, petrols, parking, telephone, mobile, travel, even home allowance are some provided by company they work for… even travel holiday vacation are some covered as well.

While these 25% could means a whole life more to low-middle class people to meet their ends every months, to cover their bread-winning family, for their sole-incoming provider for the family.

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Another interesting article above mainly for those people in “white-white” uniforms, will these people feel any pinch/poke/boiling when the whole country is low-middle class has pretty much pain and impacts in their every month meet-the-end for living?

Will these people be able to hear for their people are crying from the ground when they are all up above in supersonic jets not even a helicopter hovering far up from the ground?

Will we see any better and fairer policy to be surfaced or out from their oven someday. Time will still be the best judge for these questions.

We should wait till closer to the next election.


This article and plenty of similar in newspaper and tv are always on the rise, they keep saying the best in life is always FREE, and they claim Free-to-Air TV is FREE in Singapore…

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I wonder why we all keep paying TV License every year SGD 110 for period of January to December, as following guidelines:

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Is there any really a free for all best thing in life, in Singapore specially?


What is in your mind when you heard someone will pouring lots of money at one point in time? Happy, excited, anxiety, and full of dreams on what to do, on how to spend the money, where to go for vacation bla bla bla…

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In Singapore, after several cases happening on Government pouring lot of lots of money to their local citizens, that is not the happiness that these local citizens replying with their story…

People say… they give us money in our left pocket, but they take up our money pretty much more from our right pocket… how can that story be happening? I was wondering, how can that be possible, robbing people back on the money they have freely given? – is there anything free in Singapore, btw?

While people’s debt is getting more and more increasing high in Singapore, with again the two casino is coming in our ways, and payment of shopping is easily lured people to pay by any kind of installment schemes… making worst to come on how money will be spent by locals here. Is there any recession in Singapore, btw?

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Why people are so worried with the reply of them is ‘they give us more money, means they will take pretty much more back from our pocket’ money will be pouring out from Government to local citizen in next year budget, will that means there is another ‘poke’ will come in our way next year? – I’m not really sure whether it is related of below articles.

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What we can do is just wait on what next year will be happening in Singapore. We all pray for the best.


After has been several occassions, and it even become public secrets, that Permanent Residents, Foreigners in Singapore have been treated as ‘milk-ing cow’ for their own economy growth, with any single cents given back to them… as in this article:

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Still Singapore government ministry without any hesitation claims that Singaporeans, their own citizen, will come first in any growth and occassions and possibilities, as in this article below:

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What about those new comer Citizens who have converted sacrificing their own nature birth citizenship to be Singaporeans, will these flocks of people be considered as citizen and enjoy all what they keep saying as ‘benefit growth dividends’ or whatever terms they keep saying it as, or perhaps these flocks of foreign-born Singaporeans will not enjoy anything on what nature-born Singaporeans from their government?

Government still claims as they need in-flock immigrants into Singapore to grow their economy, to be Permanent Resident to supply CPF to their pool of monies, and to pay taxes to for their salary, their growth dividends, and their all Maternity and Parenthood Packages or whatever they call it will be on next year, and have their boys to be sent to NSmen with a single hope to stay alive in the ‘training’ – without any guarantee that any government-related ministry will be responsible in case any mishap happens.

FYI: West Malaysian people who become Singapore Permanent Resident will permanently be loosing their CPF money, without being able to withdraw back their money even in the case they surrender their PR status. On contrary, other country-born Singapore Permanent Resident will still have a chance to withdraw their CPF money out in the case they surrender their PR status, but with a single thing in mind, this type of person will never be able to get back the Singapore PR status in any time.

So you decide.


It is indeed a very very hillarious funny story on how Singapore Electricity Tariff is increase, as the reason of World Oil Price, and it is even more hillarious that the electricity generator in Singapore are mostly powered by NATURAL GAS instead of OIL!

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Read the above News Comment from Editor-at-Large who has just won the award on Editors “domain-world”, Mr. Conrad Raj, in his several contradictory-paragraphs above, you may find how hillarious Electricity Tariff in Singapore is. Here are some quoted paragraphs:

But as the new fuel prices was 38 percent higher then the previous quarter’s, SP (Singapore Power) was trying to tell us that it was passing on the entire increase in cost of the fuel oil.

Ironically! (the article said as what more egregious) was that the increase came at the time when a price of oil – on which the tariffs are based despite the fact that 80 percents of the electricity produced here comes from natural gas – was on its way down.

On the other paragraphs, the article stated that on the year end March 31 this year, Singapore Power’s revenue S$ 1.09 billions of S$ 5.45 billions, what more impressive is that, the company has been racking more then a billions dollars in net profit a year. Hilarious!

While Tuas Power which supply 25% of electricity consumed in Singapore, reported S$ 331 millions revenues of S$ 2.27 billions in year end March 31 this year also.

While for Senoko, country’s largest power supplier of 30% electricity in Singapore, posted revenues of S$ 2.49 billions, and their net revenues of S$ 130 millions in this year end of March.

And for Power Seraya’s another electricity contributor for consumption in Singapore, posted net profits of S$218 millions of this year March.

We’ll see what will happen in the next quarter, in the midst of oil pricing is going down, and whether we will get a good deal price or we will hear another answer of reason on why price is increase and another words whispering ‘we must save our electricity usage at home’ again…. you decide!


This is what PR (Permanent Resident) has been boiled, grilled and treated in Singapore… and this is the maximum that PR can do to voice out their protest…

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PR is paying the taxes with much higher price-tag then local Singaporean citizens, as they have their other tax benefits and parenthood packages, much lower maid levy and so on the list is continue to grow….

PR is paying the same amount of CPF deductible fee from their salary every month to contribute to the Singapore Economy growth, and to pay for their own Citizen ‘Growth Dividends’, ‘SRS’ Shares, ‘ERS’ Shares, and so on the term they used to call it, is getting nicer sweeter, and politer but if you see all these terms are all still refer to one thing which they claimed ‘There is NO money politics in Singapore’.

PR still have to pay much higher and higher and higher school fees, child-care, health-care at the Polyclinics, Singapore Government General Hospitals, as their subsidies is getting lower and lower to PR, due to their Citizen claims that PR does NOT deserve the subsidies, PR only to contribute, BUT never receive anything in return.

If the GOVERNMENT does NOT to hand out freebies to PRs, tighten the requirement to become a PRs (as the last sentence in that article stated)… or they are taking advantage of what the society is complaining like those subsidies and so on, or perhaps there is NO complaint at all and create such a story with complaints… Will they have ever think to tighten the requirement and regulation to become a PR in Singapore, and sacrifice all the benefits that a PR can contribute to Singapore? Time will prove it someday…

What would have happened to Singapore if all PR surrender their PR-ship status and grab all their CPR monies out of Singapore with them, and leave out Singapore?

So now with all the above giving, charges, fees, no subsidies, higher payment contribution, and NOTHING receives back as ‘Growth Dividend’ back to PR, who actually OWNS this country red-dot called Singapore then? You answer – discretely off course!


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