SG Playing GOD

After two months of taking-a-break… I’m back with the first to be shown here.
Lightning strike direct hit to the mane of ‘little’ Merlion – the simbol of this country of Singapore, right in the middle of the city of Singapore too.

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Should we think this a “warning” sign of something is upcoming to the country? Where everyone thought of the ‘infamous’ General Election will most likely be held this year after May to October 2009 – where 3-5 years from period from the previous General Election held in May 2006.

We’ll see of what will be coming from this sign.



Scientists through government in Singapore has now come up with something new, Eggs-Donors for Research may soon come with AGAIN a new price-tag. A new form of commercialization in Singapore.

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For the sake of Medical Research, they start again Playing-GOD with human embryo, stem-cell research, embryo cell cloning (?) who knows on what they will do with those donated eggs.

Will the donors care about what their eggs will be on someday? Will the donors see a new ‘children’ out from their donated eggs? – as Singapore is loosing population rapidly, with known as growing old population.

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Donors are lured with the financial ‘reimbursement’ of what they call as lost time and transport to come to the “eggs-harvesting” centre for them to donate their eggs.

Will their soon be a proposal for Sperms banks in Singapore? Or they are exist somewhere, with Scientist and Government have full access to the facility and all the records?

Will soon all the genetic-engineered super-powered people be born not from KK Hospital or Maternity Hospital anymore in Singapore but from their research labs somewhere?

When will they call it enough Playing-GOD roles?