The Power of Money

Here is another interesting news comes around which really tickle my laughing-nerves… RecordTV is in court with MediaCorp – the one and only Electronic Media Broadcasting Services in Singapore with the copyright infringement charge!

At one of the paragraph in this article stated as “Free-to-Air” TV channels in Singapore.

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Hey, I thought I’ve been paying every year SGD 110 for my TV license, and I couldn’t remember how much is the Radio license as I don’t really count for that… SGD 110 means SGD 10 every month, as one of the 12 months in a year, we always travel out of this country!

They still claim as Free-to-Air TV Channels ???

Yes, they proudly do! Shame…



It is just getting rediculous, a doctor who is always clear-bright minded person, “ended” his life under the bridge in Sydney after several disappointment on his Mindef contract (READ: bond) for his scholarship, which keep getting extended beyond written black-n-white in the contract paper he signed when he was 18 years old.

Here is what the dead-doctor’s family’s written letter to newspaper, not sure whether it has been edited:

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Read on his “excerpt of email” on the paragraph article above, and his family is asking for independent inquiry panel with an “oversight powers” – to do the investigation. I really love to read the word ‘oversight powers’ – do we need this ‘extra powers’ to do an investigation against the mindef which aka. Government of Singapore?

Here is what article says…

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Nobody knows what actually happen, and nobody will ever know what actually happened, whether he commit suicide, ended his own life, murdered, push down the bridge, fell down to his death, or even slip from somewhere down to the bridge…

Again, one thing for sure.. another life has been wasted and this time is a bright brilliant doctor who has gotten his specialist training in UK, but all of them was “paid” by the SAF Scholarship (aka. Ministry of Defence of Singapore).

Somehow it reminds me of another similar case… from Singapore infamous David Hartanto NTU!


Remember my published article previously on yesterday, on the ‘law for the poor’ and ‘law for the rich’ – and the writer demands an explicit (and easy to understand – I supposed) answer from related body.. not the busy-body obviously.

And the answer is not only one, two, or even three… but they are all total live-streaming of answers everywhere, even in online news #1 website in Singapore. Here is the latest…

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On which he mentioned… “Professor Woon argued that a common scenario is for the courts to refuse to let the accused settle privately with the victim in simple cases. In such cases, the fine goes to court and the victim is no better off financially.”

But then he admitted… “Outlining the scenarios under which his office prosecutes, Prof Woon stressed that while compensation naturally favours richer people, the judge acts as a final check as to whether this can be allowed, as long as public interest is not adversely affected.” – well, there is a word ‘naturally’ there, so it is not mandatory.

And he stressed that “We don’t consider whether someone is rich, certainly not – or politically well-connected. We cannot conduct prosecutions on the basis that some people are above the law. Certainly we don’t conduct prosecutions on the basis that the rich and well-connected get away with it.” – the interesting part is, I can’t remember whether it was questioned before on this part, but he included the “politically well-connected” as the status or position of the person, in this case offenders or defenders – off course.

And here are the other various responses as published in TODAY newspaper…

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And here is another response…

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And they keep saying that…

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So finally here is the decision…

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People applaud on the question, and let’s see what tomorrow will have in the weekend edition…

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Now, don’t you realize that so many answer responses from various several bodies in the above articles, don’t you have something in mind that there might be some “panics” somewhere in their offices, discussing and story-telling or perhaps fine-tune the radio singing song on what they should answer from whose side, and who should be taking action on what part…

Or they need to wait for committee to start first before everyone else start taking any action like simply giving an umbrella under the rains… 🙂

This is our country called Singapore, my friend, as long as nobody touch your pocket-money, then stick to your nose, keep quite, don’t be busy-body… and the best is… don’t bother.


When I first read this article today morning, I was laughing out loud while I was waiting for my bus to come, until people surrounding me (well, as usual, kiasu n kiasi) are starring at me, probably they almost call 999 – to grab me in.

Hahahahaha… what took you so long to see it, buddy?

But this article, is really impressive comes direct straight from the most powerful criminal lawyer of Singapore, Mr. Subhas Anandan himself.

He said “if there is no satisfactory answers are forthcoming, you cannot blame the man in the street for thinking that there is one law for the rich and one for the poor” – which one stern examples was when wife of Venture Corp head Wong Ngit Leong, slapped Singapore Airlines Stewardess based on jealousy that she was attending and be nice to her husband on board Singapore Airlines flight – there was NOTHING made public all arrangement and settlement about this case.

While for the road rage incidents, the culprit was fined $1,000 but the victim lost the compensation of $8,000 and all these things are made known to public widely.

Here is the article:

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Again, hahahahaha… what took you so long to see it, buddy?


Singtel which is the only iPhone 3G provider in Singapore proudly introduce Mio package plans, and all its increase on the fix home phone line subscription by significant high value, and now they got their part bites.

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We’ll see how this Singtel, Government Link Company (GLC) and owned by Temasek and controllers of communications charges price in Singapore, will become on this suit.


So this time Civil Servant in Singapore will get pay cut, including President, Prime Ministers and Ministers. I saw last night in Channel 5 News was a huge payment which I could not find that article in Channel NewsAsia but finally I found it in MyPaper website, which is belong to Singapore Press Holding – this is a different company then Mediacorp who owns TV Channels in Singapore including Channel NewsAsia, Channel 5 News and most of Radio channels.

Here is what I found as an impressive salary, and (one of) the highest in the world even compare to ‘peanuts’ that US President’s salary is.

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Singapore Salary for Civil Servants per annum:

President SGD 3.14 millions drop 19% pay cut.
Prime Minister SGD 3.04 millions drop 19% pay cut.
Ministers SGD 1.57 millions drop 18% pay cut.
Allowances for Members of Parliament SGD 190.000 drop 16% pay cut.

Those are what they call as PAY CUT on their salary!

And just the following below is what listed in TODAY paper, a newspaper belong to MediaCorp.

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If I properly read this article from TODAY paper, I didnt see any specific statement stated as clear as MyPaper when they informed about sensitive information.
[Correction] There is in the continued page… 🙂

When they proudly mentioned ‘they join the misery of people’ by doing the same pay cut, what they have in their ‘pay cut’ is equal to what we as decent people has in 10 years of salary – you see what I’m trying to say!


DBS (Development Bank of Singapore) and its subsidiary POSBank (Post Office Bank) is considered is central bank of Singapore, where their staffs are mainly concerned by NTUC (National Trade-Union Council), have forgotton to discuss or share with NTUC before layoffs their 900 staffs in Singapore and Hong Kong.

A big hard slap to NTUC as this article stated to put more teeth for NTUC, but to me it is more appropriate to say that NTUC seems forgot where they put their teeth the last time, after too very busy with luxurious resorts they have, big huge bonuses for they are considered Civil Servant, and their ‘absorption’ GST business from their supermarket and groceries chains in Singapore.

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This article even stated that the layoffs of DBS staffs shows a reflection of how powerless NTUC when it deals with management of a company, then what is that $8 membership payment for everymonth to be NTUC member? That doesn’t mean a job security or power in union member.

It’s a very interesting article of DBS and how low the public image against the DBS nowadays.


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