I just could not believe it, this person “Letter from Tan Hau Teck” – wrote a reply in the publicly listed free newspaper on which everyone should have been reading (specially those who ride public transport kind of people)… “Dr. Allan Ooi’s Death.. Rather Then Point The Finger”.

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Here is in the reply letter published that “Tan Hau Teck” wrote in that newspaper – the clips is attached in here above:

  • **However, I totally disagree with some of the comments about how Mindef is to blame for his death. Now, it could be that Dr Ooi’s job in the Singapore Armed Forces was a rather stressful one. He probably wasn’t happy, and he didn’t want to be bonded. However, he was the one who signed on the dotted line. He knew what he was getting into when he signed the Local Study Award. And his extension of bond came about because he went for further specialist training — training which he consented to. If he did not want to be bonded, why did he go for further training? Some argue that he was too young to bond his life away like that.

Well, that is a slippery slope argument. If he’s too young to sign a bond, then how old must one be? And perhaps then we should increase the age for young men to serve National Service or to get married, as they are probably too young to hold a rifle or to have a family too, right?

I can’t believe that his family is asking for an inquiry into his death. Who will pay for this inquiry? Why should tax payers shoulder the “blame” for his death? If anything, the family should examine how, if Dr Ooi was as unhappy as they say, no one picked up the signs that he was going absent without official leave (Awol), and subsequently committed suicide. He had written in to HQ Military Corp in July, and he only went Awol in October. What did his family and friends do in that three months? And why didn’t anyone fly over to Australia in the three months he was Awol?

There are many questions to be answered in this case, and unfortunately, not all of them can be answered by Mindef. Instead of always pointing the finger … perhaps it’s time we look around us and see what we can do for the people near us.***

And here is what actually written in yesterday published newspaper column, about the actual letter from Dr. Allan Ooi before his death:

  • **The following is an excerpt of his last email: “My job was terrible — no joy, no satisfaction, 10 to 14 hours a day of nothing. A prison. One of my own forging, perhaps, by signing a contract with the SAF at the

age of 18. Youth was not an excuse, yes, but I refused to accept being deceived into believing things about the nature of my employment that were simply untrue.

“Twelve years of bonded service became potentially 15 or 16, became unbreakable. How can a bond be unbreakable? How can it be extended at will by an administration, simply by passing a paper? “And how can the people subject to this bond not even question it, but instead sit in silent resentment and ultimate dissatisfaction?

“I was angry, so angry, which stemmed ultimately from a sense of waste and imprisonment so profound that I had no choice but to leave it entirely. To the people within this system, please change it to better benefit yourselves and future generations, instead of creating a self-perpetuating cycle of, at best, painful obligation, and at worst, utter despair.

“That was certainly the main cause for my severing of ties.’’ ***

The article:

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Will Mr. Tan Hau Teck do what he declare “do NOT blame tax payers to the death of Dr. Ooi”, if this happened to his own bright-future son who might be a doctor, with specialist training in UK (NOT Singapore btw)… will he still be able to do what he said? – Or he’s just doing fishing in a cloudy-water?

Every normal-minded parent will definitely do that legal-action and the same as Dr. Ooi’s family, which I think they’re also a well-known family with a bright-future son…

I was just wondering why Mr. Tan did not think, why Dr. Ooi went to “Australia” the haven for all people from Singapore safest-place… and why Mr. Tan never thinks that such a brilliant person, a doctor, a specialist, a dog “huskies” lover would do such a short-simplest mind and (like newspaper and public declared) do commit suicide?

So is he really commit suicide? – If so, why must be under Sydney Harbour Bridge? – Where I think must be a very crowded place (even I’ve never been there)… and should have been plenty of people saw him before he “commit suicide”, which I believe Australian will never be so ignorant (like in Singapore’s train youth-beaten incident) to see such ‘accident’.

  • **”There are many questions to be answered in this case, and unfortunately, not all of them can be answered by Mindef. Instead of always pointing the finger … perhaps it’s time we look around us and see what we can do for the people near us.*** – Mr. Tan’s last comment is exactly how typical we are in Singapore… with the very best infamous commentary, that we all know for the Mas Selamat escape and never been captured back… “It happened… what can we do? Let’s put that aside. Let’s move on.”

Seems like Mr. Tan is the one who does not have any parent’s passionate love for their children! We pray for your family, Mr. Tan… that you would not have to go through what Dr. Allan Ooi’s family has gone through now.



It is just getting rediculous, a doctor who is always clear-bright minded person, “ended” his life under the bridge in Sydney after several disappointment on his Mindef contract (READ: bond) for his scholarship, which keep getting extended beyond written black-n-white in the contract paper he signed when he was 18 years old.

Here is what the dead-doctor’s family’s written letter to newspaper, not sure whether it has been edited:

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Read on his “excerpt of email” on the paragraph article above, and his family is asking for independent inquiry panel with an “oversight powers” – to do the investigation. I really love to read the word ‘oversight powers’ – do we need this ‘extra powers’ to do an investigation against the mindef which aka. Government of Singapore?

Here is what article says…

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Nobody knows what actually happen, and nobody will ever know what actually happened, whether he commit suicide, ended his own life, murdered, push down the bridge, fell down to his death, or even slip from somewhere down to the bridge…

Again, one thing for sure.. another life has been wasted and this time is a bright brilliant doctor who has gotten his specialist training in UK, but all of them was “paid” by the SAF Scholarship (aka. Ministry of Defence of Singapore).

Somehow it reminds me of another similar case… from Singapore infamous David Hartanto NTU!


All these while, I thought Singapore is the most age-less society and most professional, and even we have law that protecting people from being harrased and discriminated, or even racialized.. well, read again what the law stated, the law is just to ‘recommend’ employer to respect the dignity of human-being.

When first filter is now applied to be as “Are you above 40 years old?” – plenty of eye-brows raised on this interesting article of human-race in Singapore very own.

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There are still people spend their precious time giving some support of this article from their own real-life experience in Singapore’s society.

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When business is more civilized then human-being, is what created Singapore very own society.


What we know everyone is unique, but what we know best in this place, will never get any comparable in any other place. SO again, we’re unique… Courtesy is something, we’re well-proud of, decended from ancestors long before even you know it.

Here is one infamous article of how infamous we are…

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So now you expect us to modify what is rooted in our gene for generations?


When only transport fare in Singapore can increase instantly immediately without any consideration or whatever they called it first, but the rest of the Transport facilities can wait until further notice to get improvement even you have seen plenty of “Accidental” accident happen on the Transport in Singapore itself! Here is one of them, what they called as accident:

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So anybody still proudly claim as Transport in Singapore is good… well, that person must be blind, if he does!


Here is what the article says about “Ugly-Singaporeans” their boasting, their powerful and mighty fingers of complaints, their acceptance in the world society community.

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For something that has rooted deep down, you can never change it as it is always carried down to their own kind.


When foreign student kid in school become the ALIEN of their own kind.

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Well, one thing for sure, if you cant change the situation, then join the situation… think and act like them. Be sensitive and learn what kids like, and analyze their habit and use those to turn the situation around, you can make your kid becomes favorites among them.

One thing for sure, this is Singapore! There is only parents sitting in the class by the form of a school-kids.