Here is another interesting news comes around which really tickle my laughing-nerves… RecordTV is in court with MediaCorp – the one and only Electronic Media Broadcasting Services in Singapore with the copyright infringement charge!

At one of the paragraph in this article stated as “Free-to-Air” TV channels in Singapore.

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Hey, I thought I’ve been paying every year SGD 110 for my TV license, and I couldn’t remember how much is the Radio license as I don’t really count for that… SGD 110 means SGD 10 every month, as one of the 12 months in a year, we always travel out of this country!

They still claim as Free-to-Air TV Channels ???

Yes, they proudly do! Shame…



A husband, a father, a son, a man, a human-being made the biggest mistake in his life by having a love-affair with a China-born woman in Singapore… which turn to be the most expensive thing he has ever had to pay in his life.

I pray for you Mr. Eu… May GOD have mercy on you and bless your family.

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The price-tag is his life.


And the story continues… look at this poll against Lee Bee Wah what people think she is using her power as MP (member of parliament, aka. people’s representative in Singapore parliament) on Liu GuoDong case of STTA Table Tennis Coach.

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Look at the comparison between the “YES” and the “NO” – it is even more then 20 folds.

Here is the near future plan of Coach Liu against STTA and Lee Bee Wah, that he will engage the lawyer to get some lights, the Lawyer has been in the loop for this case in this following article – I pray for the lawyer hope he will still get his place in Singapore.

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Hopefully this brave-lawyer will have his place and family safe in Singapore when he is so brave enough to take this case against the Member of Parliament of Singapore – whom comes from People’s Action Party, the ruling party of Singapore government – and whom also in the same GRC (Group Representative Constituency) with the current Singapore Prime Minister.

When people of Singapore starts voicing out a comment:

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And end up the STTA’s CEO get replaced too – not sure the relationship with this incident, but people inside STTA get reshuffled and removed too.

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Here is the STTA of Singapore… the story may continue.


I just couldn’t understand why these bunch of “Blind & Deaf” people are working in Singapore Transport Authority! They are discussing about ‘fine’ which obviously generate revenue for Singapore Government, but close their ears and eyes to the sufficiency of the transportation!

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They should try to board the commuter bus (the Town Link specially) from any bus stops along crowded residencies areas (in East for example), you are lucky if you can stick your butt against the door or even gets your butt pinched by the door when it’s closing. Or even get your “ugly-looking-Singaporean” staring at you when you push them into train when the next train is even just more then 2 minutes away!

The BUS driver will NEVER say any voice to order passangers to move behind or to even get to the upper deck on the double-decker bus!

But again, they are talking on fine fine and fine, which really could not make any sense when their service is getting worse by minutes.

Singapore is really a fine city….


At first, I’ve never bother to read any news in “Sports” section in Today newspaper. But few days back, my friend told me about this interesting story about what happened to the table-tennis couch Liu Guo Dong of Chinese National, after he was not nominated as National Couch of The Year 2008 by the Singapore Table Tennis Association President Lee Bee Wah whom had just taken the position 2 months before Beijing Olympic started, the event where Singapore has won 2 Silver medals from Table Tennis.

Here are some articles taken from “Sports” section in Today newspaper:

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And here below is the most interesting on how STTA claimed as “win-win” situation to Liu Guo Dong, and on where Lee Bee Wah NOT even present on both discussions after her statement about Liu Guo Dong.

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And here are some points taken from the above article:

After the STTA refused to nominate him for Coach of the Year honours, he returned last Thursday to seek an explanation from table tennis chief Lee Bee Wah, who had cited factors such as professionalism,integrity and respect from players as reasons for not nominating Liu for the individual award.

“They (STTA) brought an English document over, which I couldn’t read as I don’t understand English and I got someone to help look at it,” said Liu, who showed a copy of the letter to reporters yesterday at the Meritus Mandarin hotel, where he is staying.

The former coach has taken issue with the letter’s contents. “I’m not happy with a large part of this document. Them (STTA) saying I understand their decision not to nominate me, it means I’m guilty and I’m not pursuing it,” he said angrily. “I told them to tell me why I didn’t get it (the nomination), bring some evidence and show me. This document is what I get after two discussions, should I be continuing with the discussions?”

“After two discussions, Lee Bee Wah wasn’t (READ: was NOT) even present once. I think, with this attitude, they say one thing and mean another. They have not honestly acknowledged this matter. “They talk about a win-win situation, but what have I won? I will not sign anything with them because I have no relationship with them.”

While I’ve been describing who Liu Guo Dong is on above, but who is Lee Bee Wah actually in Singapore? How does she look like? What is her position in Singapore? And what is the Singaporeans impressions at her?

Here are some information taken from Singapore government websites about who Lee Bee Wah is.

She is a Member of Parliament, this means she is a REPRESENTATIVE of PEOPLE from where she was elected during the General Election, in Ang Mo Kio GRC – a crowded population of people. And the best part is, she is in the SAME GRC as the Singapore very own present Prime Minister! Impressive group that they have over there…

She is a scholar, look at her educational background, she is graduated from several famous universities, even though only 1 year in National University of Singapore, then continue to Nanyang Technological University of Singapore for her degree, and she went to grab her Master degree from Liverpool University United Kingdom. Based on all these high-flyer background, she is a highly-educated person.. with the very most recent present occupation as a Principal Partner at LBW Consultants / LBW Consultants LLP – shouldn’t she know best about law and respect to other human being.

What about the people of Singapore (aka. Singaporeans) impressions against her on this matter now? How are their feelings towards Lee Bee Wah ever since last year that she made her infamous comments again to Singapore Table Tennis Association on August 2008? Here are the stories:

When she made the infamous sparks in STTA:

What people say about her now:

From the officially famous web site from Singapore Strait Times – Singapore Press Holdings, which is now open a polling towards Lee Bee Wah whether she is using her MP power to control STTA – do you think so?
Poll Link:

And look at the poll results here – impressive isn’t it what people of Singapore think of her.
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The online Petition to remove Lee Bee Wah from STTA:

And the other netizen’s comment about Lee Bee Wah:

This has even made a publicly published in YouTube from Channel NewsAsia broadcasting:

And the story continues…


Well, it is an honor to be listed in the Singapore Daily website for the article I’ve posted in my Street71 site.
“The Passing of Dr. Allan Ooi” section.

Here is the screen capture:

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Plenty of people disagree with Tan Hau Teck’s comment and regretted that TODAY newspaper has published such silly irresponsible and senseless comment of such a typical self-centered and selfish Singaporeans.


This is the list of Top 10 World Leader’s Salary according to TimesOnline artile, here’s their list:

1. Lee Hsien Loong – Singapore
Salary in dollars – $2.47 million
Salary in local currency – S$3.76 million

2. Donald Tsang Yum-Kuen – Hong Kong
Salary in dollars – $516,000 – just 20% of Singapore’s PM Salary!
Salary in local currency – HK$4 million

3. Barack Obama – United States
Salary in dollars – $400,000 – just 16% of Singapore’s PM Salary!

4. Brian Cowen – Ireland
Salary in dollars – $341,000 – just 13.8% of Singapore’s PM Salary!
Salary in local currency – €257,000

5. Nicolas Sarkozy – France
Salary in dollars – $318,000 – just 12.8% of Singapore’s PM Salary!
Salary in local currency – €240,000

6. Angela Merkel – Germany
Salary in dollars – $303,000 – just 12% of Singapore’s PM Salary!
Salary in local currency – €228,000

7. Gordon Brown – UK
Salary in dollars – $279,000 – just 11% of Singapore’s PM Salary!
Salary in local currency – £194,250

8. Stephen Harper – Canada
Salary in dollars – $246,000 – just 9.9% of Singapore’s PM Salary!
Salary in local currency – C$311,000

9. Taro Aso – Japan
Salary in dollars – $243,000 – just 9.8% of Singapore’s PM Salary!
Salary in local currency – Y24 million

10. Kevin Rudd – Australia
Salary in dollars – $229,000 – just 9.2% of Singapore’s PM Salary!
Salary in local currency – A$330,000

And in fact the Top 10 world politicians’ salary – are all in the picture below.

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The three top Singapore leaders’ salary in combination, is even able to pay the entire Australians Cabinets plus their Prime Minister’s Salary 🙂 Even the highest closest first runner-up is just 20% of Singapore’s Prime Minister’s Salary.

The Singapore’s infamous word of wisdom “You pay Peanut, You get MONKEY! So that is PEANUT!”